5 Benefits of Ayurvedic Treatments

1.Achieving Overall Balance:)… One of the greatest benefits of Ayurveda and other holistic forms of medicine is that it allows for individualizing treatments and improving the whole body a little at a time, all of the time. It is a lifestyle as much as a complementary and alternative medicine, so within reason and depending on health needs, it is practical for every day.

2.Cleansing the Body:)… Many of the preparations and individual ingredients of Ayurveda aid in digestion and keeping the body in balance, and most of the diet principles complement the tonics or specific recommendations of practitioners. When a person is suffering from poor health or even poor happiness, Ayurvedic medicine also encourages a good cleansing of the insides for improved overall health.

3.Reducing Stress:)… There are proven links between poor physical health and high Stress levels, and Ayurvedic texts going back thousands of years recognized how taxing worry can be on the body and spirit. Treatments for reducing or relieving stress include the tonics and activities mentioned for physical well-being, but an added emphasis for balancing mood and mental activity can include getting more deeply in tune with the spiritual and tipping the scales back down from the material world.

4.Getting Better:)… Sometimes foods believed to aggravate symptoms are eliminated from the diet and minerals might be increased. Even metals such as iron and gold are thought to have healing properties and to keep viruses and disease at bay before they have a chance to produce symptoms of ill health.

Yoga is a complement to this component of Ayurveda because it accomplishes so many of the mental, physical and spiritual parts of feeling good or getting better. Even without incorporating its historic Eastern, religious aspects, yoga is beneficial for breathing, stretching and improving circulation.

5.Building Immunity:)… Eating grapefruits and other citrus food in advance of cold season is a simple immunity-booster in the West, but in traditional Ayurvedic medicine, a multitude of herbs, vitamins, minerals and proteins are mixed together to prevent and combat immune disorders. These combos, or tonics, are believed to help strengthen the body’s defenses and to keep the appetite strong so illness has less of a chance of settling in.

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